Tuesday Night League Begins 03 April

Please note that the Tuesday Night League shoots begin on 03 April. This is just around the corner, so make plans now to participate! Please see the event calendar for information on this and other BHU events.

Monday, 12 Mar 2012

Great weekend of archery altogether. Started out Friday helping set up for the Mud and Muck shoot. We had plenty of help, which is always a good thing. Those helping out - Dickerson, Tim, Dave, Rob, John, Ron, and more people showed up in the afternoon just in case we needed anything. The 2 in 1 class was a success in my opinion. The only complaint I heard all day was Tim giving me a hard time over some deer target that I set up. Hey they can't all be twenties, you malcontent. I thought the top 5 or 6 scores in that category were pretty darn impressive. It did add a little time to the shoot, but I don't think anyone was butt hurt over it. There are a few people in our group that just aren't quite fit for public, it kinda surprises me that anybody can even shoot at all with all the shenanigans that go on out there. It's also really cool to see so many of Al's family travel out here for the shoot. A big shout out to Trish Porter for taking the time to make us brownie pops, Ron for picking up all the targets, Tim for making the coolest trophy ever, Tim T. for all the cooking, and all the people who did a ton of stuff that make for a nice day.

After the fun was over at BHU Saturday, four of us headed to Newman for the shoot at Orestimba. Making the trip were John, Willy, Jesse, and Linda. Beautiful evening camping on the River. Found out that people are like moths. We built a big hairy campfire and people were gravitating to it like it had a magnetic field or something. We all slept in a little, ate a breakfast, and started shooting around 10. The course was set up really fun. Of course I kicked ass as usual, order of finish among the misfits- John, Jesse, Linda, Willy. Lots of long shots, branches, weed thickets, and water hazards made it a perfect day. Highlights included a running rat, a flying javelina, pop ups, and a cool variation of a speed round. But the coolest thing is when the twister hit.

It started with a noise equivalent to a small plane crashing. we all turn to see what the commotion was and were treated to seeing hundreds of two foot by two foot square objects spiraling upward. When I say upward, I mean upward! Thousands of feet upward! The guy running the pop ups said he thought they were tin, which had me planning my escape route into a nearby grove of trees. Turns out it was shot out cardboard from all the target butts. They had replaced them all and placed them in a stack with big sheets of tin on top of them. When the dust devil hit, it lifted the tin and sent all the cardboard upward, the tin came crashing back down. We all stood and watched the twister head south til it was out of sight. Maybe I am easily amused, but I thought that was a neat thing to see.

For those of you that haven't been to Orestimba, you should consider going to one of their shoots. Super nice club with super nice members.

Upcoming events to consider- Chamberlain Ranch, Pacifica Trad Shoot both in April. Yahi bowmen are having a trad shoot in May, and The Western States Traditional Rendezvous on Memorial Day weekend near Petaluma. Hope to see a bunch of BHU members show up at these events...

--John Buettner

Saturday, 03 Mar 2012

Don't forget the shoot this Saturday -- see the link on the left for details. Especially read about the special "Two Bow Challenge" happening at the shoot. It's a chance for a novel shoot and a special prize.

BHU Lessons begin this Sunday March 4 from 11 AM to 5 PM.

There is a 2012 Western States Traditional Rendezvous shoot coming up on May 26–28. The flyer can be found HERE.

Hello, Fellow Archers

As the Tournament Director for the California Senior State Championship Archery competitions, I invite you to come shoot in the very best event ever. This year is also the year you can qualify to compete in the National Senior Games in 2013 in Cleveland if you desire.

The following message from Bay Area Senior Games gives you all the details. Every archer whether using NAA or NFAA bow class can participate in 5 year age brackets from 50, 55, 60, etc. in one or two rounds. There is something to challenge every archer.

PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO JOIN YOU AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY or they will lose their bragging rights and a chance for setting a new record.

SEE you on the range,
-- Mel Leach

Register Now! www.bayareaseniorgames.org

March 24-25 Stanford Archery Corner
Fee: $8.00 per each day event

National Qualifying NAA Bow Divisions: Recurve (sights), Compound Fingers (sights), Compound Release, Barebow Recurve (no sights), Barebow Compound (no sights).

Non-qualifying NFAA Bow Divisions: Freestyle, Freestyle Limited, Bowhunter, Bowhunter Freestyle,
Bowhunter Freestyle Limited, Traditional

Times: Saturday, March 24 - Double 300 Round - 11:00 am - 60 arrows at 20 yards on 40 cm face.

Sunday, March 25 - American 900 Round in Yards 8:00 am - 30 arrows at each distance of 60, 50, and 40 yards on 122 cm face.

NAA Target Rules, as modified by the NSGA, govern the tournaments. Dress Code: White, navy or khaki bottom; any color top. Please provide your own bows, arrows, shade, and seating. Lunch is provided on Sunday. Archer may enter one or both events. NAA bow divisions are the only ones that enable an archer to qualify for the 2013 National Games in Cleveland, Ohio.

Commissioners: Mel Leach - 562-594-63686; Email: meleach@csulb.edu

From March 3

Thank you Russel for coordinating the work party today. The range look fantastic! There is now a donation/membership slot on the outside of the shed.


Monday, 13 Feb 2012

Have you ever wondered how memorial shoots get their names?

It seems many archery clubs have one or more shoots on their calendar that are in memory of somebody whom you may not have known or heard of unless you ask who the person was. In the case of Bowhunters Unlimited, the memorial shoot is named for somebody who was well known in the California archery community. BHU recently renamed their traditional March "Mud and Muck Shoot" the "Al Harford Mud and Muck Shoot". The BHU range in Cupertino's Stevens Creek County Park in March can be muddy depending on the winter weather pattern. Making it a memorial shoot named after Al Harford is in commemoration of a long-time club member, former President, and and good friend who was known to many for his love of traditional archery and restoration of Bear and Wing bows.

Al passed away in October of 2008 and his family has traveled to BHU from multiple states to attend the Mud and Muck Shoots for 2009, 2010, and 2011. Many in Al's family inherited his love of archery and bowhunting. Hoping to see Al's family at the range again in 2012, the club renamed the shoot after him. We hope other friends of Al's can also join the club and his family on March 10 at the range.

-- Deb

Tuesday, 08 Feb 2012

From our friends at Black Mountain Bowmen

Hello Archers,

On February 12th the Black Mountain Bowmen Presents an American 900. Shoot 122 cm targets at 60-50-40 yards with 30 arrows each distance. Registration starts at 8:00 am. Shooting starts at 9:00 am. A ten minutes break between each distances to move targets, and other things needed. Fee; $7.00 male members. All ladies shoot free. Youth $ 5.00. Cubs $3.00.

If your club/group has a flier for an archery event send it to me, and I will post it on our brand new bulletin board.

Ben Armentrout BMB/PR

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well, I thought the shoot today went well considering the conditions. Really, really nice to have a ton of help. Rob, Jesse, Rhyan, Linda, Willy, and Cary all helped set up yesterday. Tim T. did a great job with the food as usual. Tim H. showed up at 0 dark hundred with a nice easy up so Tim T. didn't have to stand in the rain and cook. Take down was a snap with so many helpers. Mike, Dave, Robert..., Don, Harvey, Rhyan, Jesse, Clint and probably someone else I didn't even see. Ron came out and handled all the sign ins with the help of Robert. Thanks to the shooters from SF archers for coming down and posting pics within hours. Sorry Linda, forgot to mention you helped with set up, target adjustment this morn, awards, and being a fine ambassador all day today. Love this club.

-- John Buettner

Here are some photos from the shoot, including a picture of the scores:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bowhunters Unlimited Camo Shoot is this Saturday Jan. 21. Rain or shine. Come early and have a free hot breakfast. Help is needed to set up targets at noon on Friday Jan 20.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colder than a well diggers ass!!! That's how cold it was at the Cabin Fever shoot in Pacifica today.

BHU was well represented there, despite the wind and cold. We had our usual extra large group as usual. We were missing Wimble and Mellberg though. In our group we had John, Jesse, Linda, Tim, Lenore, Mel, Sandy, Cary, and some guy named Bill. Tim shot recurve today, so the winner of the one dollar long bow sweepstakes was..........drumroll please................... John Buettner.

Awards were too many for me to remember, if you really must know—go to my face book page for a look at the photo album, complete with pics of the scoreboard. Thanks to Wimble being tired and not showing up, I was handed the duty of scorekeeping. They were bitching a little cause I wouldn't "sell them points" like Wimble does [note from Wimble: I give away honest scores for free]. But they all got over it.

Other BHU members that showed up and shot well were Kirby and Marty, Harvey, Torralba family, Salinas family, Ron May Pumphrey, Rick Hanson, and probably a few others that I cannot recall right away. Willy did not make the trip due to illness. Nothing serious folks.

I might add that after the shoot our group drove down to Half Moon Bay and enjoyed some fish and chips and a tall frosty beverage. Cary challenged yours truly to a game of shuffleboard, which yours truly accepted. He took a lead early on, I caught up, then took the lead, then the little cheater brought Linda in and they managed to squeak by with a very narrow victory. I want a rematch as soon as possible. I hope to see everybody at the Camo-Breakfast shoot this coming Saturday. Time to go now, on deck early for our annual MLK day trip to the Pinnacles for a family hike. Have a great week.

-- John Buettner

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Greetings fellow BHU archers.

There were six of us that made the trip to Diablo Archers today. We all met at Willy's house and made the trip in my van. We stopped for breakfast at a lovely little bagel shop near Clayton. Those in attendance were John, Jesse, Willy, Tim, Linda, Rob, and not to forget Mel came over from Walnut Creek to join us.

Cool, clear, breezy weather were the conditions. The course is absolutely beautiful. Long shots with lots of obstruction is a good way to sum it up.

Tim took first in senior recurve, Linda took first in female longbow, John took first in adult longbow (how the hell did they put me in an adult category?), Willy took third in Senior longbow. Jesse and Rob finished just out of the money. John won the money in our own little version of last man standing. I might add that they didn't have a primitive class, so Rob did pretty well shooting against all that glass. He did win the broken arrow championship with 9 breaks.

Next up is the Cabin Fever Shoot next Sunday in Pacifica, hope to see a bunch of BHU members at that one.

--John Buettner

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well, it's been a busy few months for the traveling squad. November started off with the Awesome Lawson stick bow classic at Maya Archers in Roseville. It rained Saturday night before the shoot, but John, Jesse, and Linda didn't care. We were busy partying like Kennedy's in Auburn with one of John's lifelong buddies. We shot ok despite the late night and slight hangover. Tim was the smart one, he didn't go to Auburn with us. Not suprising, he shot better than us. John took second, Tim took first, Linda took first, can't remember where Jesse ended up. Willy didn't make that trip.

The next weekend we travelled to Dunlap for the Gene Foster shoot. We got wet off and on but had a good time. We were at full strength for that one with Willy making the trip and Rob too. Rob , Rick, and Lawson played some sweet music in the club house both nights. Tim and Linda shot well taking first place. Rob shot real well in primitive class, taking second place. Jesse and John shot ok, but not top three. Same with Willy. Tim was second in the last man standing and was in the finals of the action round. Linda shot pretty good in the action round, not as good in the last man standing.

We all made it home to shoot in BHU's turkey shoot. In early December it was off to Orestimba Archers for a fundraiser shoot. We had a great time there. If you haven't been there, you need to go. I think they are having a shoot in March. It was a tad chilly, 27 degrees when we woke up Sunday morn. Warmed up nicely by shoot time though. This one was not a competition, but Jesse was the winner of our group. (only because Tim was out on the ocean crabbing). Followed by John, Carey, Linda, then Willy. Rob did not make the trip. The Franklins were there on Saturday. I might add that Rob has a real talent for making jiffy pop! Who knew.

We came home again and shot the Toys for Tot's shoot. What a nice turnout that was. We had some new and exciting target set ups for that one, look for some more new things coming up. I got's some ideas. That's it for now. Hope to see some more BHU members show up at Mt. Diablo and Pacifica shoots in early January.

-- John Buettner


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