Sunday, January 8, 2012

Greetings fellow BHU archers.

There were six of us that made the trip to Diablo Archers today. We all met at Willy's house and made the trip in my van. We stopped for breakfast at a lovely little bagel shop near Clayton. Those in attendance were John, Jesse, Willy, Tim, Linda, Rob, and not to forget Mel came over from Walnut Creek to join us.

Cool, clear, breezy weather were the conditions. The course is absolutely beautiful. Long shots with lots of obstruction is a good way to sum it up.

Tim took first in senior recurve, Linda took first in female longbow, John took first in adult longbow (how the hell did they put me in an adult category?), Willy took third in Senior longbow. Jesse and Rob finished just out of the money. John won the money in our own little version of last man standing. I might add that they didn't have a primitive class, so Rob did pretty well shooting against all that glass. He did win the broken arrow championship with 9 breaks.

Next up is the Cabin Fever Shoot next Sunday in Pacifica, hope to see a bunch of BHU members at that one.

--John Buettner

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well, it's been a busy few months for the traveling squad. November started off with the Awesome Lawson stick bow classic at Maya Archers in Roseville. It rained Saturday night before the shoot, but John, Jesse, and Linda didn't care. We were busy partying like Kennedy's in Auburn with one of John's lifelong buddies. We shot ok despite the late night and slight hangover. Tim was the smart one, he didn't go to Auburn with us. Not suprising, he shot better than us. John took second, Tim took first, Linda took first, can't remember where Jesse ended up. Willy didn't make that trip.

The next weekend we travelled to Dunlap for the Gene Foster shoot. We got wet off and on but had a good time. We were at full strength for that one with Willy making the trip and Rob too. Rob , Rick, and Lawson played some sweet music in the club house both nights. Tim and Linda shot well taking first place. Rob shot real well in primitive class, taking second place. Jesse and John shot ok, but not top three. Same with Willy. Tim was second in the last man standing and was in the finals of the action round. Linda shot pretty good in the action round, not as good in the last man standing.

We all made it home to shoot in BHU's turkey shoot. In early December it was off to Orestimba Archers for a fundraiser shoot. We had a great time there. If you haven't been there, you need to go. I think they are having a shoot in March. It was a tad chilly, 27 degrees when we woke up Sunday morn. Warmed up nicely by shoot time though. This one was not a competition, but Jesse was the winner of our group. (only because Tim was out on the ocean crabbing). Followed by John, Carey, Linda, then Willy. Rob did not make the trip. The Franklins were there on Saturday. I might add that Rob has a real talent for making jiffy pop! Who knew.

We came home again and shot the Toys for Tot's shoot. What a nice turnout that was. We had some new and exciting target set ups for that one, look for some more new things coming up. I got's some ideas. That's it for now. Hope to see some more BHU members show up at Mt. Diablo and Pacifica shoots in early January.

-- John Buettner

Saturday, Decemer 10, 2011

This just in! First pictures of the Toys for Tots Shoot can be found here:

What a wonderful day at the range today for our annual Toys for Tot's shoot. Everyone was so generous and we took a sleigh full of toys to the children who would otherwise go without.

I would like to thank John Buettner for coordinating and for adding some extra fun games for us to enjoy. Timm made an excellent lunch and Russ and Jim Hill helped by being score keeper and barbecue pit master. Kirby doing registration with a smile and greeting everyone as they signed up. Adam taking the group of youngsters out on the trails. Ron, Kirby, Harvey, Tim, Jake, Don, Jessie, John, and others who helped bring in the targets. Matthew Barrett for overnight security.

I am always amazed by our members that do so much to make our range what it is today.



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