Saturday, Decemer 10, 2011

This just in! First pictures of the Toys for Tots Shoot can be found here:

What a wonderful day at the range today for our annual Toys for Tot's shoot. Everyone was so generous and we took a sleigh full of toys to the children who would otherwise go without.

I would like to thank John Buettner for coordinating and for adding some extra fun games for us to enjoy. Timm made an excellent lunch and Russ and Jim Hill helped by being score keeper and barbecue pit master. Kirby doing registration with a smile and greeting everyone as they signed up. Adam taking the group of youngsters out on the trails. Ron, Kirby, Harvey, Tim, Jake, Don, Jessie, John, and others who helped bring in the targets. Matthew Barrett for overnight security.

I am always amazed by our members that do so much to make our range what it is today.



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