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Club Officers

Current Officers

President: Debbie Golzen

I have been a member of the club for 15 years and also a NFAA/USA level 2 Coach. I shoot Recurves and Longbows. My passion is to share my knowledge of the sport of archery to all ages.

Vice President: Linda Bates

Secretary: Ron May-Pumphrey

Ron found a hickory flat-bow found in his grandmother’s closet, approximately 50 years ago and has been an archer ever since. He now competes with his own homemade bows and arrows and is a certified level 2 archery instructor.

Rangemaster: Bill Corona

Bill Corona has been using bows and arrows since he was a kid. Bill has worked in
Silicon Vally for over 28 years and joined BowHunters Unlimited in 2011. He enjoys
hunting, fixing stuff, and weed-wacking the grass around the Broadhead Pit and
Target #2.

Assistant Rangemaster: Rober Wright



Webmaster: Michael Wimble

Michael has been a computer scientist from the days of kerosene computers. He started archery in 2003 and has become proficient at learning that the pointy end of the stick should face towards the target. He shoots traditional, mostly with a "Willy" longbow these days, made by Willy Abat, and custom wooden arrows by Ed Parodi. This is his seventh year of service as an officer of Bowhunters Unlimited. Mike also is the founder of the FOMFOK hiking group and is a part time wood worker, photographer, amateur radio operator and jeweler and sometimes gets the neighborhood up in arms when he plays his guitar or banjo.

Member at Large: Willy Abat

Honorary Member

  • Started shooting in the 60s.
  • Shot recurve, compound, longbow, FITA recurve.
  • Honorary member at BHU.
  • Won close to 60 trophy awards.
  • Works at Archery Only in Newark.
  • Teaches archery.
  • Started the first traditional-only, primitive luau and turkey shoots at BHU.
  • With the help of others, made BHU the great traditional club that it is today.
  • Teaches bow making at BHU.
  • Builds and sells longbows, primitive bows and quivers at BHU.
  • Attends as many traditional tournaments as possible.
  • Hunts in several western states with the longbows he makes.

These are the things I have accomplished through the years, but the thing I treasure the most is the many, many good friends I made through the years and the friendship they shared with me. Many thanks to you good friends.