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Club Officers

Current Officers

President: Debbie Golzen

Debbie Golzen has been an active member of BHU for 7 years. She is a National Archery Association Certified Instructor and is always willing to help new archers and their families learn more about the fun sport of archery. She is the proud mother of two boys Alex 19 yrs. and Tom 25 yrs.

Vice President, Training Manager: Tom Hinojosa

Tom is currently a High Performance Level III Advanced Archery Instructor certified by the National Archery Association and U.S.A. Archery after completing training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in August 2007 and November 2008. Tom organizes a youth archery program at the Stevens Creek Range, works for National Geographic Publishing in Carmel, and is Assistant Coach for Stanford Archery.

Treasurer: Kirby Franklin



Secretary: Bill Lev

Bill's been shooting archery for over 40 years now. In high school, he tells that his football coach asked him after missing a Saturday practice to go archery deer hunting the first time, "Billy, what's more important, playing football or bowhunting?". He quit the football team the next day and still shoots his bows and loves bowhunting for deer, wild pigs and elk! After shooting and bowhunting with a compound bow for many years, he got serious about string bows and also shoots traditional archery and encourages compound shooters to experience an arrow traveling a little slower and the 'the magic of an arrow in flight'. He is an NAA Level 1 instructor and enjoys teaching 1st time archers the basics of archery at the club.

Rangemaster: Linda Bates



Assistant Rangemaster: Russell Hill



Webmaster: Michael Wimble

Michael has been a computer scientist from the days of kerosene computers. He started archery in 2003 and has become proficient at learning that the pointy end of the stick should face towards the target. He shoots traditional, mostly with a "Willy" longbow these days, made by Willy Abat, and custom wooden arrows by Ed Parodi. This is his seventh year of service as an officer of Bowhunters Unlimited. Mike also is the founder of the FOMFOK hiking group and is a part time wood worker, photographer, amateur radio operator and jeweler and sometimes gets the neighborhood up in arms when he plays his guitar or banjo.

Member at Large: Tommy Young


Member at Large: Willy Abat

Honorary Member

  • Started shooting in the 60s.
  • Shot recurve, compound, longbow, FITA recurve.
  • Honorary member at BHU.
  • Won close to 60 trophy awards.
  • Works at Archery Only in Newark.
  • Teaches archery.
  • Started the first traditional-only, primitive luau and turkey shoots at BHU.
  • With the help of others, made BHU the great traditional club that it is today.
  • Teaches bow making at BHU.
  • Builds and sells longbows, primitive bows and quivers at BHU.
  • Attends as many traditional tournaments as possible.
  • Hunts in several western states with the longbows he makes.

These are the things I have accomplished through the years, but the thing I treasure the most is the many, many good friends I made through the years and the friendship they shared with me. Many thanks to you good friends.

Member at Large: Bjorn Ahlblad

Bjorn is an avid bow hunter and collector of vintage Bear bows. Family BHU members for the past few years, Bjorn and his son Adam shoot 3D, and hunt pigs whenever and wherever they can.

Member at Large: Rhyan A. Pike

Rhyan’s first bow was a tree limb narrowed off with a hatchet. A few years later, Rhyan got more serious with archery, and bought a commercial bow. He now shoots some more modern traditional bows. Rhyan began truly shooting archery in 2008, and is now a dedicated member of BHU. Rhyan is obsessed with hunting, fishing, and archery. He enjoys helping new archers learn the sport of archery, and is more than willing to provide help.

Member at Large: John Buettner



Member at Large: Jerry Dejea



Member at Large: Tyler Burke